The International Chamber Music Festival in Plovdiv was founded in 1964 by a group of music enthusiasts, with the support of the Plovdiv Municipality and the Ministry of Culture.

The first edition of the Festival was held from June 1st to June 12th, 1964 in the unique atmosphere of the Ethnographic Museum in the Old Plovdiv Architectural and Historical Complex. From its very beginning this event emerged as a promising creative endeavor, which quickly became an international venue for performances by the most renowned classical musicians, and a chance for the young musical talents of Bulgaria to witness world-class professionalism.

Some of the founders and organizers are Prof. Vladimir Avramov, Prof. Alexandar Neynski, Dobrin Petkov, Marko Mesholam, the municipal institutions of Plovdiv and the Bulgarian Concert Agency – Sofia.  

With each year the music event established itself as a tradition and a necessity for the city and the region, featuring in its long history the names of many celebrated musicians, such as Yfrah Neaman, Michael Frischenschlager, the duo Emil Kamilarov and Dina Schneidermann, Stoika Milanova, Yuri Bukov, Mincho Minchev, and many more, premiere performances of musical compositions, celebrations of composers, conductors, ensembles, and solo performers of chamber music.  

During its half-century history the Festival has been organized and managed in different ways and methods, but its invariable aim has been to offer performances by some of the best chamber artists to the Plovdiv audience.

A foundation of the same name was created in the 1980s, and active members in it were the conductor Plamen Djurov, Jivko Jekov – director of the Regional Concert Agency, Georgi Ivanov, etc.

The selection and preparation of the annual festival programs are performed by an advisory board, on which have served distinguished Bulgarian musicians – Prof. Anastas Slavchev, Prof. Georgi Kanev, Prof. Alexandar Spirov, Assoc. Prof. Krikor Chetinyan,  Dr. Andrey Andreev, Prof. Dr. Julian Kujumdziev, Prof. Dr. Polina Kujumdzieva, Dr. Veselin Emanuilov, Adelina Kaludova, Julia Manolova, Dr. Polia Paunova-Tosheva, etc.

As defined in the established Statute, the International Chamber Music Festival – Plovdiv is managed and directed by a coordinating council with the Plovdiv Municipality, presided by the Head of the Culture Department, and producer and organizer is the ‘Interart Fest’ Association. Dimitar Malashinov is a long-standing manager of the Festival.